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Lagoon 45 vs. Lagoon 44 - looking for reviews

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Anyone have some particularly good review of the new Lagoon 45? The replacement to the venerable Lagoon 44? It looks like Lagoon really stepped it up a notch with this new version (not to mention a foot)!. Would love to read mroe about or hear anyone's opinion on the differences, etc.
asked May 21, 2012 by anonymous

2 Answers

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Well, as always a simple google search will give you a few nice links to read up on the 45, but here you go if you don't want to spend all the hard time 'searchin' for them:


From what I've read it's a nice improvement over the older generation, now I just need 700k to drop on one!!!



answered May 21, 2012 by anonymous
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You can check this link for a Lagoon 450 review.


Save your money!
answered May 21, 2012 by anonymous